To begin on Wikia, you must make an Account. There is a button at the top of the screen that says register, please note the button next to it that says Sign-In. For this wiki, please use your name as a username; Ex. jhaas522. In otherwords, use the name you would use to sign into the computers at school, or your email.

When you have finished please sign-in using the username and password you just created. You will need to email confirm your account. When you have confirmed your account, please go HERE. This is the page you should go to to ask questions. It is my Talk Page, or a page where people can go to talk to me. I am Jessica Haas, Webmaster and Secretary for Art Club.

When you get there, click the botton that says "Leave a Message". Tell me your real name and your username. I will put you on the club roster. When you have finished, sign your post with four Tildes (~ ~ ~ ~), but don't include the spaces. You can also use the signature button located at the top of the screen on the editing bar. This will let me know which user left me the message.

I have also activated a sitewide chat, it should be located to the right of this text.

When you have an account, you can go and explore the website. You can also submit a project idea HERE.

Please enjoy!